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sábado, 9 de maio de 2015

Au Pair 3 - Carta para Host Family

Hey guys, aqui é a Cris!

Hoje eu vou falar sobre a carta para a host family, muitas(os) au pairs se descabelam nesta hora, mas eu achei uma das melhores partes!
 A carta é onde você pode abrir seu coração para a família e deixar que eles conheçam você de verdade, lembrando que você estará vendendo seu peixe, então é bom ser simpática e meiga.
 Na carta dê mais detalhes, conte sobre sua infância, sua relação com sua família,fale sobre sua cidade e o que tem para fazer que você mais gosta, fale sobre seus amigos, como são e o que gostam de fazer, conte sobre seus empregos, escolas, faculdade, suas experiencias com crianças, direção e seus talentos.
 Eu não dirijo, então, falei na carta e contei que amo cozinhar e que estou tentando ser saudável. Descreva sua personalidade,venda seu peixe,mas sem mentir.
 Diga o porque quer ser au pair e porque eles deveriam escolher você,conte sobre seus planos para o futuro e o que espera do seu ano.
 Essas são coisas que farão com que a familia te conheça melhor, por isso seja você mesma(o) um pouco melhorada é claro! rs ;)

 Essa é a minha carta:

Dear Host FamilyI am very excited to get to know you. But firstly, I would like to tell you a little more about me.My name is Cristina Ferreira, I am twenty two years old. I was born and brought up in Sorocaba, São Paulo in Brazil. Sorocaba is the third largest city in São Paulo. There are many malls, cinemas, parks, squares with recreation centers, bike paths, a small museum, a beautiful Zoo, and most of the time there is a circus or a musical concert of some Brazilian singers in the town.  In my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading books, writing stories and songs, I like drawing, cooking, go out eating with my friends, go to the movies, play soccer, walking with my dog, swimming, I enjoy to do makeup to my cousins and photograph them, playing Barbie with my niece, I used to play soccer for a local team and I don’t know to play piano or guitar, but I enjoy spending my time making some sound with them. During my vacation I usually go to visit my aunt and uncle who live in a rural area in a small town in the state of Parana.One of my passion is futsal. I used to play futsal (indoor soccer) since I was twelve years old. I started playing in my school team and then for the local team. I used to be the captain and my position was right wing.Nowadays, I don't play soccer professionally, but sometimes I play with my cousins, I enjoy teaching and passing them all the expertise.One more thing about myself is that I love cooking! Now I'm trying to be healthier, so I'm learning to do natural and healthy recipes ... And I'm really enjoying this new lifestyle!About my personality, I am very responsible, reliable, honest, affectionate, playful, independent, caring and my friends say that I am friendly, funny and creative. I have few friends but I can fully trust them, and whenever possible I like doing something different to show how important they are to me. I really like to see the people that I love to be happy! I have three sisters; my twin sisters Regina and Roseli are twenty nine years old, and my younger sister Rosana is nineteen years old. Regina and Roseli are married and Regina lives with her husband close to my house, and Roseli lives in the house in my backyard with her husband and my sweet niece Veronica of seven years old, my sister Rosana lives with me, my parents and my grandmother. My Father works for the city hall of Sorocaba since 1986 and my mother is housewife. One year ago my grandmother had a health problem which left her bedridden and she is unable to speak, since then my mother takes care of her. My family is evangelical of Christian Congregation and my best childhood memories are in the church with my sisters or playing with my friends or having Sunday lunch with my cousins. Nowadays at weekends I like to play with my younger cousins, the time spent with them is always so much fun! We also like going to the Zoo, movies, parks and they really love swimming. My family and I love animals! I have one dog, my parents have two and my sister Roseli has three and my niece has one cat, so, in my house there are six dogs and one cat! And we really love them. My child care experience started when I was just fourteen years old, one of my neighbor needed someone to take care of her lovely daughter Ana Jullia of six months old. So, I took care of her daughter for two years. After school I used to go to her house and look after Ana Jullia while they worked. I prepared her meals, bathed her, played with her, went to the parks and put her to the bed. We learned so much with eachother.Last year my sister`s friend needed someone to take care of her children, while she worked. I worked in drugstore in the morning and in the afternoon and at night I took care of her children; a five years old girl and a one years old boy; I used to play a lot with them, prepare their meals, help them to have bath, help her with school activities, and put them to bed. They were my neighbor, so my niece used to stay with us as well. I always help my sister Roseli taking care of my niece Veronica, we live in the same house and I stay with Veronica most of the time, we do many things together. When I was seventeen years old I finished the high school in a public school of Sorocaba, and I was very confused about which college attend, then, I stopped playing soccer and started to work in a market, after that I worked in a big drugstore for two years, and I really liked working there because I spent the day with people trying help them and that taught me so many things and I made so many friends. I chose to be an Au pair because I really like to spend my time with children and I have a vast experience with them, as an Au Pair I will know another culture, improve my English, make new friends, travel to others places, and have a personal and professional growth.. About driving; I got my license little time ago and I don’t have a car yet.My parents have always supported me in this program, they say that I have to follow what I want and do it by myself. During the program I will miss them, but I will remember all the things that they did for me to attend this program.I know how important it is to take care of the children and if you give me this opportunity I can assure you that I will always give my best for your family.Thank you so much for reading my letterI am looking forward to hearing from you and who knows, maybe I`ll be your next Au Pair!With LoveCristina.

Então é isso galera, arrasem na carta de vocês!!

Beijos, fiquem com Deus!

- Cristina Ferreira

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  1. Adorei seu Blog Cris!!!! Não to contente com o meu não :( Me ajudeee kkkk

    1. oie Lyh sua linda! Só vi agora seu comentário! Ajudo sim, só me chamar no face! :)


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